Friday, 25 July 2008


Friday, 25 July 2008

i lurrv 80s electro/rock/pop music.. its sort of rare to find it these days; if there was a craze in 80's beats i reckon that it has nearly been and gone.. not for me though!

SSQ is a synth pop band that i love cos of their really iconic 80's sound. theres something about those old school synths, funny male vocals, little guitar licks, and of course Stacey Q's lyrics and voice that makes them stand out.. very fun.. i dont really know what it is, but there is something really innocent and charming in the pop music of the 80's.. could it be the synths that were being adapted and learnt by the artists back then, or maybe the often cheesy lyrics? hmmm

SSQ - Jet Town

SSQ - Screaming In My Pillow

Stacey Q - Two Of Hearts

i dont know much about Scary Thieves except like SSQ they are an electro pop band with a really iconic 80's singer. again, i dont really know what makes a singer and iconic 80's one, but there is something about the voices and lyrics in rick astley, spandau ballet depeche mode and scary thieves songs that i find very... 80's.

Scary Thieves - The Waiting Game

Scary Thieves - Live In Another Day

i love the lyrics in 'the waiting game'- "Innocence got too dirty, and you're lovers lost control.. and you're tears they just kept falling on the sheets that were so cold.." awesome.

so sorry for the incoherent writing in the post today. big weekend.

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Steve said...

ok yes so for anyone that picked it up this post was very much inspired by radges AWESOME halloween mix for modular last year which i have had on repeat today. ill try and post the mix sometime in the next couple of days.