Tuesday 1 July 2008

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Tuesday 1 July 2008

yesssss...... the postman (aka gmail) has been sooo kind to us poor souls up in the blouse estate this week.. and we love it when hes kind.

the first piece of kindness that he laid up on us was from york/leeds band The Hair.

The Hair - Half Cut

The Hair - Half Cut (Breaking The Illusion Remix)

The Hair - Half Cut (The Sunshine Underground Remix)

The Hair - Half Cut (Rochelle Remix)

their new single 'half cut' is a funky, fun, bouncy, yet simple ditty reminiscent of The Rapture's "Whoo! Alright-Yeah...Uh Huh". ..
i like the way the simple, yet funktabulous bass and drum driven verses work so awesomely with the compelling, yet slightly off-kilter vocals..
everyone likes cool little fun indie jams.. and this one is an excellent specimen. perfect for your next bbq or pool party.. damn i wish it was summer..
the remixes of this song are also quite good- the pick of which i reckon is the by the kitsune signed rochelle who convert the track into a nice boppy and beepy, yet serious electro number that is rather good to work or chill to..

in other awesome mailbox news, the band love motel recently dropped a bunch of wicked remixes on us.. and what a bunch it was..
you might have picked up the cosmic love remix that the pleasingly awesome grum did a while back- and if you did, awesome- thats a rad song. you should check these other ones out too

Love Motel - Cosmic Love (Fisk Remix)

Love Motel - Mind The Void (Baxter Beez Remix)

Love Motel - Nothing Hurts (Shane Fontaine Remix)

in my eyes, these tracks were the pick of the remix bunch.. im in a massive rush so ill sum up these awesome tracks in as few words as possible

fisk mix - sort of similar to the grum mix but with more of a flowing guitary rock sound
baxter beez mix - gritty but still boppy electro beatsssss
shane fontane - my favourite- blatant, up in your grill midi melody- sounds very simple but works so well.

sorry for my shitness but i gots to go

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