Monday, 7 July 2008


Monday, 7 July 2008

Photo by Patrick Fraser

what a strange day today... it seems that strangeness occurs when work doesnt..
hope everyone had a fun weekend! if anyone went to oxford art to see jerry bouthier- how was it? send us a review yo
ill review my weekend for you now: it was chilled.

in the meantime datA and Moby have definitely not been having chilled out weekends with the release of their new singles..

i have always been a big fan of datA.. somehow he always manages to take the plinky 80's computer game/keyboard sound and make it his own.. he has proven to be a bit more versatile than other similar producers out there as well, releasing a few harder tracks, as well as a few housier ones.
with his new single 'Rapture' however, it seems like datA is trying to become more of a legitimate producer. although he is still embracing his vintage synths with both arms, 'rapture' sees the inclusion of some pretty cool indie vocals by ultra super mega star Sebastian Grainger (DFA 1979 :( ). the result is good, but i reckon it could have been even better with the inclusion of a stronger bassline.. wicked shredding at the end though

DatA - Rapture

DatA - Rapture (Pacific! Remix)

DatA - Rapture (The Skywriters Remix)

i hate to say it, but on this occasion i think the remixes might have actually pipped the original.. they both repeat the very 80's vibe that datA is rocking but use a wider, softer spectrum of sounds..
the skywriters remix focuses on longer, softer almost fred falkey chords while the pacific! remix feels a lot more complete with a wider range of synths and more emphasis on the backing vocals which really gives the track depth.

Moby is someone that has gone through many many different sounds over the years.. i havent really followed him very much since 'play' so it is surprising for me to hear the new bunch of singles that he has released.

Moby - Alice

alice is a very dark massive attack-y sort of track with a cool swinging bassline and that trademark wailing guitar over the top.. does anyone else think that the rap over the top provided by the 419 squad and Aynzli Jones is really similar to 'rolex' by wiley?
but anyway, what really made me post this song is the remix by general midi which is a barnstorming electro/breaks number that im quite enjoying at the moment.. not my usual genre or type of track but i was deprived of big tunes on the weekend so this is how im making it up

Moby - Alice (General Midi Remix)

Moby - Alice (Drop the Lime Heavy Bass Remix)

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