Thursday, 10 July 2008


Thursday, 10 July 2008

gemma ward. hottest girl.

in other news here are some newish remixes for apparat.. very lush and nice tracks again (seems like some kind of blouse theme..)
echo-ey, hauntey vocals accompany some nice electro-ey synths in both remixes... very nice and chilled. i must admit that i expected a bit of variation with these remixes (and remixes in general) but they are both quite similar (in a lush and nice way).
for some reason both remixes were over 7 minutes long (the boyz noize one is over 12 mins).. must be to increase the epicness of the tracks. thankfully Telefon Tel Aviv also edited their track to be more bandwidth/radio friendly..

Apparat - Arcadia (Telefon Tel Aviv Remix Short Edit)

Apparat - Arcadia (Boyz Noize Remix)

i really like the diverse beats that boyz noize are coming out with recently.. i reckon the talented artists can be seen through the variety of tracks that they release.. two diverse thumbs up to boyz noize

californian lad danosaur recently sent a couple of his remixes our way as well..

The Tings Tings - Shut Up And Let Me Go! (Danosaur Let Me Remix)

WifeBeat - Eurotrash (Danosaur Moves That Ass & Turns It Up edit)

i have to admit that i dont really know all that much about him but i do know that he is an upcoming champion of self promo.. haha
but seriously his remixes are pretty f'ing rad.. i especially love his edit of wifebeat (aka neon blak)'s eurotrash.. sort of chops and changes that annoying electronic vocal line to actually make it sound cool.. (in his own words he: "teased it out a bit and really worked the drums, synth and vocals.")
the Ting Tings remix is pretty cool too, but desperately needed a stronger, more emphatic key change or bassline something in there somewhere.. nonetheless, a cool stop/start sort of affair definitely worth a listen. am definitely interested to see what mr danosaur somes up with in the coming months..


danosaur!! said...

i love this blog, and great to see my stuff up. :-)

Anonymous said...

Apparat and Telefon Tel Aviv on the same track is an electronic music dream come true... great remix!