Monday, 11 August 2008

got my vans on but they look like sneakers

Monday, 11 August 2008

I dont think i can tell you how excited i am about the brand new album by Van She.. im sure im not the only one..

this album has been SUCH a long time coming.. i dont envy the amount of pressure they must have been under to pump out a good album after their sweet-ass EP..
after talking to keyboard player Mike sometime last year, i was shocked to hear that they had to scrap nearly a whole album's worth of songs that they thought were taking them in the wrong direction.. there really is a lot more to being in a band than meets the eye..

so after all the pressure and expectation did they manage to produce a good album? holy shit yesss..
this album is a lot different to what i thought it would be.. i have to admit that after the success of Kelly, i thought that 'V' would be an synthie 80's fuelled dance-off.. (i suspect that this was the direction that they were trying to steer away from).. instead however, i found it to be a deliciously diverse record that bounces from the 80's pop that has so strongly defined the band, to solid, wall-of-sound rock, 90's grunge, and 70's folk..

Van She - Virgin Suicide

Van She - It Could Be The Same

i think these two songs highlight the diversity of the album.. 'virgin suicide' is a beautiful retrospective track, while 'it could be the same' is a much tougher tune that goes from a bassline driven verse straight out of peter gabriels 80's into a nirvana 90's chorus..

one song that really surprised me on this album was the re-recording of the sublime kelly.. i think that this is perhaps how they would play it live.. everything just seems to be that much faster, louder and dancier

Van She - Kelly

i dont want to sound like papa van she here or anything but i really am proud of what they have come up with here.. it would have been so easy to pump out an album of kelly replica's that would have seen them forgotten overnight, but i think that by being patient they have won. yay
buy 'V' here

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Thank you for allowing us to discover Van She!

Lovely stuff

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