Friday, 24 October 2008


Friday, 24 October 2008

so its 530 on a drunken friday and ive just got back to work from the pub and have utterly failed in my attempt to play xbox.. what do i want to listen to? glittery + shiny australian dance muzax?

i (think) that it is pretty well known news that aussie megastars bang gang are going to drop their double cd delight on us this weekend (on sat 25th oct aka tomorrow to be precise.. pick it up here).. to tickle and arouse us, they have sent over this mix that they have done of the presets

The Presets - Kicking and Screaming (Bang Gangs E is for Edit)

in the email there was certainly mention of dimensioneering and even some trance travel.. i was a bit dubious as to the levels of said dimensioneering or trance travel that this song could achieve, but im pleased to announce that after listening to this track that, at the very least, this track has been transformed into a bonafide club banger.. not radically different from the original but enough to make me do a bit of chair-ass jiggling.

i dont know what its like for people overseas (or if you guys even know WHO sneaky are), but sneaky sound system are one of the most uncool groups in australia at the moment.. it might be a bit of a shit thing to say, but sneaky are currently the personification of what it means to go from cool underground to uncool commercial..
and what makes it worse is that its probably not their fault- hell, their musics probably not that bad. its mostly just hearing their songs blaring out of every speaker everywhere and seeing seriously wack people going crazy. im sure they dont care though.. their millions are probably distracting them rather nicely. bastards.

try as i might, the remixes of "when we were young" that have been entering the market are very hard to dislike.
i think breakbot's glitchy/chilled/breakbotty take on the whole thing was the first to float around, but now monsieur GLOVES has thrown his chips on the table with his view on this whole sneaky thing

Sneaky Sound System - When We Were Young (GLOVES Remix)

this remix definitely steps things up a little- but only a little.. there is definitely a throbbing electro undertone underneith there somewhere but mostly it is calmed by the lush slappish bass and synths that are laid over the top of it blanket style..
this remix follows on from his last remix of van she with his development of maturity and track structure.. very impressed lad

finally is mobin master from melb.. he sent in this remix of... (does anyone know the track?).. i know ive heard it on a bang gang podcast at some point in the past..

Mobin Master & Hess - Glitter Bomb (Bootleg)

anyhoo.. its a nice smoky oldschool rock track thats been changed to an interesting club ornament.. def work cheking out

so yeah thats me for today.. have a good weekend yall talk soon

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gary glitter - rock & roll pt. 2