Tuesday, 9 December 2008

whoo! alright-yeah...uh huh

Tuesday, 9 December 2008

speaking of the rapture.. here is the best damned rapturesque song that ive probably ever heard..

Funeral Party - Carwars

i love the serious layer underneath all the toe-tapping fun.. LIKE SEDIMENTARY ROCKS YO.. im feeling a little buzzed by funeral party right now though.. i feel like they are filling the rapture-sized electro-rock hole in a lusher, yet somehow rawer, traditional rock way.. go and check out their new EP here

so anyways, whats going on with the rapture?

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jennny<33 said...

you should check out the original keyboardist / percussionist that toured and recorded with the band daniel. myspace.com/danieljsantillan
i just found out about his music and his new band KNIGHTSTALKER. they have a myspace with a few songs check it out!@ myspace.com/knightstalkerislove