Tuesday, 13 January 2009

the face doesn't say much about the head

Tuesday, 13 January 2009

This nerd music is creeping me on a Tuesday night. I'd usually choose an epic banger that makes me want to take my top off rather than impassioned and meaningful tracks with arbitary titles, but this is cool. Computer Nation Radio is only one dude from Fredericton, Canada with 8 Myspace friends. Really organic and honest. I think maybe he's a troubled genius, like the electronica version of Britney. This is the soundtrack to a complex brain. Or maybe he's just a massive hallucinagen fiend. I already feel like I'm tripping just listening to it. Tell me Computer Man, what's your story? Do you really love caves?

Computer Nation Radio - Mental Templates

Computer Nation Radio - Cave Love

Computer Nation Radio - Microsense

These tracks are from The Borderland State which is available for free download from bandcamp


Peter said...


Do you ever dream just before you fall asleep? I do. One minute I'm chasing an ice monster with a hair dryer then I shake back to reality, make sure I didn't say anything weird and continue to do my taxes.

Thank you for your kind funny words and your interest in my music.


chaf said...

Great post! I recommend listening to this music before falling asleep. You will probably dream of Kevin Bacon hi-5'n a pig.

Rachel said...

I listened to this before I fell asleep last night and I dreamt I was drinking creaming soda with the grim reaper.

CNR you are amazing, thank you for your interest in my blog x

David said...

Good on ya Rachel :) Spread the good word

Computer Nation Radio said...

Hey Rachel,

I recently finished another album. Free for download at computernationradio.com. Or on my blog. Sorry, no bangalangas yet. Someday maybe.