Monday, 23 February 2009


Monday, 23 February 2009

i dont really want to rain on the presets parade, but does anyone else think that they may be getting a bit too big for their boots? i mean sure, their music is good and they are international superstars and everything but does that excuse them for their recent spate of shit performances?
i remember times pre daft punk-nevereverland when they seemed to be genuinely stoked to be onstage and played accordingly.
times post nevereverland however are a different story.. the show at this years good vibes is a perfect example. they looked and performed as though they wanted to be somewhere else, quite a few of the songs were "stripped back" to mostly drums (which didnt work at all) and the sound was terrible (although that probs wasnt the presets fault). i ended up walking away about half way through.

i have to admit that im not too worried though, cos there seems to be quite the wave of quality indie dance coming out at the moment.. quite the wave.
melbourne group squares and zeros is part of that wave and are hangin' ten on that sucker.

rocking a finely layered and detailed sound, squares and zeros take all the parts that you love from the (newly lack-lustre) presets and present them in a newly invigorated and excited form.

Squares & Zeros - Clear

whats even more exciting is that they are working on their new lp with mr leigh evans, who managed to stay strong and work with muscles on his new album- kudos sir.
although these tracks are only demos, they show an element of slickness, confidence and surety that really grabbed my attention.

Squares & Zeros - Don't Look Down

squares and zeros are definitely one to keep an eye on in the coming months. it looks like the indie dance cavalry has arrived
although they dont appear to have any sydney shows on the horizon, they are playing around the traps in melbs a bit in march, so if your down there, show them some hearts

Squares & Zeros March Dates

11 Mar 2009 The Espy Melbourne
26 Mar 2009 The Brunswick Hotel Melbourne

in the meantime, im done with my modular and ex-modular bashing for today. better go and get a good disguise.


Anonymous said...

I'd have to agree with you on that Steve. Even on NYE at Shore thing, they weren't exactly the NYE spectacular performance that everyone expected. Underworld was the best in my opinion.

I guess it begs the question of whether it's studio vs live performance, as opposed to them just getting "a bit too big for their boots". Where they that great to start with on stage?

Nice find with Squares & Zeros (didn't know them before), and thanks for sharing.

Steve said...

to be honest i definitely did think that they were EPIC on stage pre nevereverland/daft punk. every show after that they have seemed bored.. hmm

Anonymous said...

i must admit before nevereverland i didnt like the presets.. man dont shoot me!

but after that performance I was blown away, but i must admit thanks to recent performances I am loosing interest once again

Steve said...

hmm maybe seeing them at nevereverland made all their previous performances seem better? interesting

my gfs sister saw them play somewhere recently as well and they forgot the words to their own songs. poor form indeed.

Unknown said...

The last quality moment from them i think was laneway 08 - smaller crowd, a bit more intimate and they had a bit more energy which I feel laking from them at the moment. Twice since then and as you said - meh.

Good call on Squares & Zeroes, tidy sounds indeed. Where's the petition to get up them to sydney????

Steve said...

would love to see them up in sydney once they have finished recording their LP.. who shall we petition to? we are trying to organise another blouse/blog night with some of the electrorash kids but decent & available venues are proving hard to find :(

Unknown said...

hmmm, well if you guys are puttin on a night send em an invite (through Duncan I believe) and if you want a hand / pullin power ;) more than happy to get invloved.....see below - its all relatively new but we gaining some good momentum - what you think?

Steve said...

looks great.. would be great to get you guys involved. do you want to email our blouse email to talk further?

Unknown said...

hey steve - have dropped u a line at tayloredevents :)