Tuesday, 3 February 2009

my chest hurts...but i like it

Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Manic pianos, a chargy beat and dirty distortion. It’s enough to get my heart rate up somewhere between 130-140bpm.
That’s exactly what this Bumblebeez remix of Wolf & Cub’s One to the Other did the first time I played it.

Wolf & Cub - One to the Other (Bumblebeez Remix)

It’s off the One to the Other EP, produced by Chris Colonna (of Bumblebeez fame no less), with the vocals amped-up to fit the track comparitively.
I wouldn’t call it a party track; it’s too brooding. It’s like if Telefon Tel Aviv were high on Red Bull and helium and lost their synthesisers. It’s a smack in the adrenal glands.

The Wolf & Cub lads are a psychedelic-rock outfit from Adelaide currently doing the touring rounds for the Primal Scream Tour.
They played The Forum last night with - you guessed it - Primal Scream.
With their second album due to land March 3 expect to be hearing more about them soon.

Also check this sweet remix of Seven Sevens by Sydney’s own Dept. It probably won’t give you chest pain, but it’s worth a listen.

Wolf & Cub - Seven Sevens (Dept. Remix)

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