Tuesday, 3 March 2009


Tuesday, 3 March 2009

sunday music. day after music. train sitting music. break-up music. reading music. studying music.
comedown-core: the worst, most subjective non-genre since forever.
sure most of this music could and probably is filed under 'chillout' or something similar but i feel like these specific tracks seem to actually understand what im going through and are there to help me at my time of need.

the first and most obvious comedown-core artist would have to be m83. anything by m83. oh my god m83

m83 - Car Chase Terror

Van She - Kelly (m83 Remix)

might be my favourite ever. have nursed me through many a comedown-core moment. they are playing in sydney soon too. maybe you should buy tickets?

the second most obvious comedown-core artist would have to be cut copy. a perfectly intelligent mix of so many sounds that would soothe and numb even the most restless of minds. their tracks 'that was just a dream' and 'zap zap' (should just have been one song) are probably their most solid comedown-core works to date.. the fact that they were the permanent comedown tracks at kobi and lisa's (our old comedown shack) is a testament to this.
absolutely need to be listened to one after the other. but of course you already knew that.

Cut Copy - That Was Just A Dream

Cut Copy - Zap Zap

the new lost valentinos song serio also sits pretty underneath the fluttery cut copy flag. like i said before, i cant believe that this is the same lost valentinos that were floating around last year/the year before but i dont think that really matters. on its own merit this song is very damned sweet. comedown core sweet.

Lost Valentinos - Serio

this sun-speckled remix of asobi seksu by twins would also be a perfect addition to your next comedown-core occasion. all bendy hawaiian guitars and warm bass guitar.. so nice and hazy. the vocals offset the dreamy melody so well.

Asobi Seksu - Familiar Light (Twins Remix)

roxy music made some of the most classy and understated pop music of the '70's and '80's. now its the '00s (gonna be the '10s soon yo) and their music slides into comedown-core so easily. why cant pop music be this good nowadays?

Roxy Music - The Space Between

Roxy Music - True To Life

and what post would be complete without some kind of valerie connection?
pegase is absolutely one of the most rising of stars in that esteemed collective and i cant believe that i have never posted about him before. now seems like a good time though as this song fits the comedown core mold pretty well.
apparently this is a demo but to that i say "whatever". the wistful synths and choked vocals somehow bring '70s french movies to mind. weird hey.
if this song was approx three minutes longer it could totes be the score for c'├ętait un rendez-vous

Pegase - Without Reason

ok im gonna stop now or else this post will go on for eternity. so many notable exclusions hey. oh well--more later. in the meantime maybe you can tell me your favourite comedown-core songs?


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Steve said...

sorry- a bit of a premature post.. the links work now. maybe i should go down and visit my good friends at the advanced medical institute

Anonymous said...

Peter Bjorn and John - Young Folks man that song goes down a treat after a big night

Steve said...

hell yes.. good choice. i wonder what their new album will be like? i havent been overly impressed with the leaked singles?

Acid Midget said...

Hahaha re your first comment Steve :)