Tuesday, 17 March 2009

look out california

Tuesday, 17 March 2009

hello blouse. my name's ed. originally from melbourne, i made the move north to sydney (or as my southern friends like to call it 'canada') almost a year ago. i've always liked canada and the 70's queenesque rock-band pilot. i'm completely sure no one has ever heard of these guys or their hilarious pre-cool ballad called canada but if you can actually listen to this track and NOT want to go there i'll eat my foot.

pilot - canada

heading forward about 30 years, daniele papini has thrown out an amazingly frustrating/massively unreal track 'church of nonsense'. you'll find it on a-trak's new fabric live record and boys noize seem to have it stuck on repeat. it's an absolute weapon that's sure to confuse the shit out of dance floors everywhere.

daniele papini - church of nonsense


Anonymous said...

PILOT!! They were so lost for so many years! hahaha.

Dulesy said...

i heard this song on triple j the other day, and immediately had to go looking for more pilot... GREAT song