Tuesday, 31 March 2009

when i was seventeen i drank some very good beers

Tuesday, 31 March 2009

and when i was nineteen i was slogging my way through first year uni and working at a frozen custard shop. what were you doing? something quite similar im guessing.

at nineteen, shazam has done many more things than me and probably you. if i was nineteen i would probably look up to him as some kind of idol.
as it stands though, im 23 and look up to him with a mixture of jealousy, awe, rage and admiration.

Shazam - Pool Party 2009

i think my favourite thing about shazam's music is how it unashamedly channels the funnest and most sophisticated moments from house music circa 2004.
in my (limited canberra) experience, clubbing circa 2004 was a golden age. people- who dressed up with intention of actually looking nice and respectable- went out, sipped cocktails and danced to the funnest, funkiest sun-drenched house this side of ibiza.. really seemed much more simple then.
somehow, despite the fact that he wasnt even allowed to go out back then (by his parents), shazam is releasing tracks that make me feel like travelling back in time to '04. good.

Shazam - Pool Party 2008

pool party is out nownownow from banggang 12 inches.. pretty exciting. get behind him by buying the ep here

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Sebastian/Arnie B said...

What?! He's not 17 anymore? He's still awesome tho.