Tuesday, 14 April 2009

i have a shirt made from birdseed too!

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Songwriters Dan Scheuerman and Matt Dowling met at a juvenile detention center urinal while visiting incarcerated relatives. I don't know if this fact is made up. They then joined forces to become indie hyphy-pop band, Deleted Scenes, who are based in Washington DC. After ten years of fucking around and EP creating and finding two more members, they finally released an album this year called Birdseed Shirt.

Deleted Scenes mix up genres and styles on practically every song on the album - blues, indie pop, acid trip rock, 1950s piano man with cigar, whining man singing about heartbreak etc. Standouts are the psych-rock acid trip Mortal Sin and the My Morning Jacket-esque track Ithaca, both of which seem to echo the indie as fuck British scene with their Beatles-y hooks and pleasant polyrhythms rather than crude Americano.

Deleted Scenes - Ithaca

Deleted Scenes - Mortal Sin

DC-based producer/dj, AutoRock, also sent us a happy remix of Ithaca along with this clip which the band says is kinda like that Crystal Castles video except that instead of filling you with dread and paranoia, it fills you with whatever is the polar opposite of that.

Deleted Scenes - Ithaca (AutoRock Remix)

One reviewer described Fake IDs as a song steeped in blurry digital haze, as if somebody tried to play the Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory song "Pure Imagination" through a modem circa 1997. Oooh how arty. And look at this clip that some creative 17-y.o. duder from Williamsburg made out of the blue. I am as surprised as you to know that such cool shit can come from America. Must be coz of Barry Obama.

Deleted Scenes - Fake IDs

You are pretty cool Deleted Scenes

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