Monday, 25 May 2009

beyond something rude

Monday, 25 May 2009

in this day and age, i have become rather weary of 'electronic' artists with quirky/shitty names. id prefer not to name any names (dont want anyone to get all embarrassed or angry) but trust me, we get plenty of questionable artist names sent in to blouse. im not saying anything bad about their music but a group or whatever with a silly name is wack. first impressions really do count.

im bringing all of this up because of erol alkan and richard norris' side project 'beyond the wizards sleeve'. when i first heard that name, i had no idea who was behind it and thought 'pfffft- another "bedroom bangaaa producer'.. needless to say, i didnt really give them a chance.

recently however, i came across their remix compilation 're-animations vol 1' (pick it up here) and was really impressed. my initial feeling that they would be a banga factory was way off.. while there are a few slightly more electronic tracks on the cd (franz ferdinand and late of the pier remixes), i think it is the moody, organic tracks that really stand out.

with this mix of dust galaxy, its kind of hard to tell where the original track ends and the remix begins.. i love how you dont even release that the drums and bass are actually bangin' til about half way through the track..

Dust Galaxy - Come Hear The Trumpets (Beyond The Wizard's Sleeve Reanimation)

this badly drawn boy remix feels slighty more housey and generic with its 4/4 beat and congos/bongos but the use of piano and strings is an absolute inspiration. possibly the nicest rainy day song of recent times.

Badly Drawn Boy - Promises (Beyond The Wizard's Sleeve Reanimation)

i defs see what all the erol alkan fuss is about now.. very clever man. one of those 'certifiable' hitmakers.


Anonymous said...

i want to be a certifiable hitmaker so bad. even if it was only the kind that plays rugby league

benjimite said...

The midlake rework is the piece de resistance in my eyes, they really are something special

Steve said...

the beat of that samples fleetwood mac hey.. i agree that that song is quite the jewel in the alkan crown