Tuesday, 12 May 2009

things that are cooler than me: the xx

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Just starting to catch on to the hype about The xx. Feeling pretty uncool about it all kind of like when I felt like I was the last person in the universe to listen to the YYYs new album even though it was only like a week after it came out.

The xx are four 19 year olds from London. They've got a handful of demos out and their first single, Crystalised, was released last month. They do completely stripped back angsty electrorock with vocals so understated and magnetically cool it sounds like two lovers whispering to each other between the sheets. Their music is unbelievable. Stars crossed with Karen O Yeah Yeah Yeahs crossed with a chilled Camera Obscura.

One review from NPR Music: "Hot Like Fire" is more restrained [than Crystalised] but equally enthralling. With little percussion, distortion, or background noise, the subtle bass lines and guitar riffs slowly build in volume as if self-conscious to be so nakedly displayed. The vocals are delivered in hushed tones to match the vibe established by the minimalist instrumentation. Their songs are almost all build-up and no resolution, which is somehow appropriate for a young band of 19 year-olds who are just gaining momentum in their musical careers.

The xx - Hot Like Fire

The xx - Blood Red Moon

Even better review from Carles from HRO: Think that they seem pretty ‘kewl.’ I feel like the song seems 63% more intriguing when u see the entire band, and they ‘look cool.’ If you look at the band, they seem to have a ‘normal bro’, ‘fashion-y bro,’ ‘kewl looking fierce girl’, and ‘normal girl.’ Think these are 4 great identities to have in a band. I don’t think there is anything wrong with ‘liking music’ mostly because it ‘achieves an aesthetic that makes u feel kewl’ even when ur not sure why. From what I have read on wikipedia, this was a driving factor in the rise of bloghaus.

I also think that this song “VCR” might be ‘not that good’ but I think it might be honest and simple, and might be good to like put on a mix CD for a girl because there is a female singer on it.

The xx - VCR

The xx - Stars

They release their debut LP in July.


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rachel i want to be on you

love Your Secret Admirer

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just realized that the girl looking at the camera is wearing a Joy Division shirt, i love the xx even more now!

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Even better, check out new Manchester 4 piece, Foilface. www.foilface.com - next big thing?