Monday, 22 June 2009

locked out. oh yeah

Monday, 22 June 2009

so im locked out of my house. really excited by this. really excited by this chance to assess and reflect on my life. "woot woot"
cue thinking music. cue french teen idol.

French Teen Idol - Rome Shrugged

listening to french teen idol makes me want to sit in the dark and work out where my life went wrong like no other producer (since m83).
truly ambient but with rapturous pulses of life, the way this wave-like music bubbles over and through your ears is nothing short of inspirational.
i hesitate to compare anything to m83, but with french teen idol, andrea di carlo absolutely reaches those same frosty, introspective peaks.

French Teen Idol - I Want George Soros

orchestral strings into twangy guitar, eerie vocal into glitchy drums. the way he has combined these epic elements is nothing short of alchemy. in fact, this album has been nothing short of perfection for my long, cold wait outside.
if you like your music emotional and cinematic, or if you need some sunday morning/afternoon missiles for your musical bomb shelter, then defs go and check french teen idol's new album "el siete es la luz" here


Dom Terrace said...

sounds like Mogwai

Kelsey said...

amazing. i need all of his tracks.