Friday, 17 July 2009

did competition

Friday, 17 July 2009

do bands and producers get to choose who remixes their tracks? i think that remixing would be one of the most nerve wracking parts of the whole process... sending your track off to your favourite artists or friends to have a crack at and waiting for them to come back. what if they send back a stinker? what if it sounds exactly the same? what would you say? aawwwkkwwaaarrrddd

i dont know if running a remix competition would be better or worse.. on one hand, you arent selecting the remixers so there shouldnt really be any expectations, but on the other hand, what if every single mix you get back is rubbish?

luckily, italian band did had no such issues with their remix competition, with a fleet of impeccable remixes arriving back at their doorstep.
the competition revolved around their single 'time for shopping', which is a funky indie track modelled after bands like the rapture and !!!. it has cowbell in it as well

DID - Time For Shopping

rather than choosing one winner, their record label foolica choose seven.. i wonder if that was a little dissatisfying for the remixers.. regardless of that, each of the seven tracks was very tight.. did must have been very happy with what came back.

there was a general nudisco/indie dance feel to all of the seven winning tracks (no trance or bangerz) which complemented the original track and made for enjoyable listening.

this remix by fellow italian band tempelhof might be my favourite though, with its restrained, introspective sound and cinematic quality. kind of mirrors m83's ethereal remixes in a less orchestral way.

DID - Time For Shopping (Tempelhof Remix)

the charging nudisco sound in this testarossa remix got big ticks from me as well. he was also one of the only producers that retained the cowbell which, i think showed courage and audacity. somehow i hear and see shades of kavinsky in ricky testarossa.. what are you doing these days kavinsky?

DID - Time For Shopping (Testarossa Dub Mix)

this last mix by someone named frost dj sexx was one of the harder remixes in the package with some extra guitars and fuzzy bass.
just between you and me, frost dj sexx is one of the best dj names i have ever heard. and im not being sarcastic. why cant i come up with things that awesome? maybe i have to become italian

DID - Time For Shopping (Frost DJ Sexx Remix)

did's debut album is due out on the 9th of october by all accounts so keep your eyes peeled. in the meantime, you can listen to their funky indie goodness on their myspace

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