Sunday, 26 July 2009

wise guys

Sunday, 26 July 2009

tesla boy are a trio from moscow.. have you heard of them before? i hadnt before three days ago. feel like ive been really slow on the uptake with these guys with all the blog attention they have been getting.
anyway, their music is tres tops and i have spent the last few days basking in it. they have done such a good job at not only making incredible music but also in replicating that timeless eighties sound. it really sounds as if it belongs on the flashdance soundtrack or something.
plus, lead singer anton sevidov's voice sounds like the dude's from tears for fears. accident? i think not.

Tesla Boy - Spirit of the Night

Tesla Boy - Neon Love

apparently tesla boy come highly recommended by valerie, so big things are possibly coming their way..

if you like tesla boy's sound, you should run off and check out the first song by visitor posted by bec over at electrorash.. very excellent

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Anonymous said...

Brilliant Songs! Thank you so much for this! :)