Wednesday 12 August 2009

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Wednesday 12 August 2009

Readers, before you read on, visit Shit Robot's Myspace to look at his photos and photo comments (here) and then you will be in a jolly mood when you read my review.

Is it possible for Shit Robot to live up to his name and actually create a shit piece of electronic music yet? I think not. Simple Things, his latest track on DFA, is a prime example. The man can do no wrong.

This infectious late-night burner comes straight from a neon-lit Sunset Boulevard, circa 1990. As the cruising 90s beat kicks in and the young Barry White-esque vocals rise from the doldrums, this track makes me close my eyes, sway my shoulders and gently groove my behind. The classic piano chords are just enough and the song exudes élan rather than bangin' it from the rooftops. Hedonistic and utterly cool, Simple Things oozes more mojo than an episode of Miami Vice.

Shit Robot - Simple Things

The only downfall of having a near impeccable track is the tough task its remixers face. In this case, Serge Santiago and Todd Terje both struggled to add anything whilst still retaining the essence of a song that exudes flash 90s cool without even trying.

In Santiago’s case, he’s added too many dynamics. Clanging cymbals, frequent build ups and some blips here and there make the track dance floor friendly but take away from the simplicity and panache of Shit Robot’s original. It’s as though he has struggled with the track’s length as well, showing moments of excitement but lacking cohesion overall. Similarly, Terje’s remix turns up the banging beat and 90s pianos and has glimpses of intensity but otherwise lacks oomph and flattens out a track that had a lot of natural charisma. Both the remixes and the original will suit the club but there’s only one you’d want to pump with a Cadillac full of California girls and a late night of mojhitos ahead of you.

Shit Robot - Simple Things (Serge Santiago Remix)

Shit Robot - Simple Things (Todd Terje Remix)

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