Thursday, 27 August 2009

sun through curtains

Thursday, 27 August 2009

a flood of indie/electro pop just before spring.. has anything else felt so right? english freak balls fenech soler are the "new kids on the block", tip-toeing closely behind such luminaries as friendly fires and miike snow..

i only came across fenech soler a couple of days ago after they were highly recc'd by my housemate.. their strong, sometimes harsh synth sound layered over and sometimes enhanced by charismatic vox and slick disco drums was somehow reminiscent of the blog haus golden years.. definitely something to roll with on the road to summer.

Fenech Soler - The Lion & The Bird

Fenech Soler - The Cult of Romance

it still sounds to me as if quite a few of their tracks are in the early stages of production, but these two tracks are much further down the line (cult of the romance was recently released with an al braxe remix in tow) and are really good.. judging by the quality of some of their upcoming shows and comments on their 'space, fenech soler seem to be building up quite a uk rep.. hope to hear more about them soon

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