Wednesday 4 November 2009


Wednesday 4 November 2009

once again, im totally out of the loop. i always find this loop so comfortable when i get back in- its hard to remember why i consistently choose to jump out.

so i stumbled across a fellow by the name of dam funk and his supremely funky track 'LAtrifying' a few months back. even though it immediately grabbed me, i only got around to doing some extra-curricular dam funk research in the last couple of days.

i discovered that secretly, he is doing all sorts of taking off over in the u.s. he even has a show coming up on nov 24 with warren g.
thats right: warren g. this guy is going places. and his hair is amazing.

to get a li'l sip of dam funks irresistible flavour, check out this mix that he recently mixed for pitchfork.. so dam smooth (ha):

Beautiful Music 4 Beautiful People Mix By Dam Funk (via pitchfork)

and here is the track that kicked it all off for me:

Dam Funk - LAtrifying

if you get a sec, head on over to his 'space and watch some of his videos..
if you get two secs, head over to the stones throw site to find out a little more about mr funk and maybe even pick up some wax..

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