Saturday 20 February 2010


Saturday 20 February 2010

so. im back. and do you think im happy about that? NO.

whilst i try to keep myself from sobbing at the thought of being back in the land of the bogan, please enjoy these amazing new(ish) tracks by my hero-of-the-moment, mr kieran hebden (aka four tet).. he is probably the only thing between me and taxi-driver styled violence right now.

the restrained, elegant landscape of 'moth' is an absolute stand-out. burial's attention to each reverby detail, coupled with such a strong melodic backbone make this wintery slow-burner a must.. even on a hot beach day in bondi.

Burial & Four Tet - Moth

'sing' is lifted off four tet's most recent album 'there is love in you'.. it was one of the most lusted after tracks from his epic 'much love to the plastic people' mix and i can see why.. joyful bleepy electronica that is as much at home on your shower radio as it is at a beach volleyball competition in rio.

Four Tet - Sing

grab 'there is love in you' as soon as you can..
hopefully i can plot my way out of this country soon.


Ed said...


Anonymous said...

moth is sooo good
also thought his remix of joe goddard-apple bobbing (which is in his essential mix) ruled it

Richard Fortune said...

"the only thing between me and taxi-driver styled violence right now." I'd a day like that on Monday, it must have been the full moon. Music for Plastic People, goddamn, thats one hell of a mix!