Wednesday, 21 April 2010

hello from melbourne

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

well here iam in melbourne, sussing out whether or not this is somewhere i can live. do you like melbourne? could you live here? if i move here, will this blog become an intriguing thought - please dont spend too much time thinking about it.

a lot of my time here has been spent trying to keep a lid on my excitement as copies/leaks of new albums from foals, lcd soundsystem and crystal castles have found their way onto my hard drive.. it has been really hard cos it doesnt often happen that three of my favourite bands release amazing albums at the same time...

i wish i had the time to write radiantly glowing reviews for each of these albums (hopefully i will over the next few days), but unfortunately i don't.. i just want you to know that if you get a chance to listen to these albums in the near future, you should take that chance with both hands. they are all really very good.

in the meantime, i just wanted to quickly touch upon the forth edition of the black label compilation series released by uber rad german label compost..
the black label series is step away the savvy disco offerings you may have become acquainted with recently, instead diving into deeper, techier waters, and diving into them with assured class and intelligence.

Jay Shepheard - Arrowhead County (Roberto Rodriguez Remix) mediafire link

volume four features names such as pilooski, tiefschwarz and jay shepheard.. show-b turned up to ably man the wheels (or mouse) of steel.. another quality release from compost.

Show-B - On A String (Dub) mediafire link

head over and pick up compost's black label series volume 4 over here.. definitely worth a listen


Anonymous said...

I love Melbourne. I'm biased, of course, as I live here now. I spent quite a while travelling but eventually decided I was happier just rocking out back in bearbrass. There's always a lot going on. What are you seeing while you're here?

Acid Midget said...

Steve, see if you can find 'Hidden Pizza' and bring some back.

Steve said...

yeah melbourne has really been amazing.. a really refreshing change from sydney - could defs see myself living here!

im being shown around by my mates from my works melbourne office - we went to pony last night and saw some crazy exxxtreme crystal castles-esque female shouty electro which was rad, and my mates 8-bit rap group played after. the music was great and the venue had so much damned character. .. what is this bearbrass place?

omar, yes i will bring some back but i dont think it will be in edible form. unless of course you swing that way.....