Tuesday 25 May 2010


Tuesday 25 May 2010

sorry for the hiatus.. its just been getting so cold in sydney. finding motivation to even get out of bed is proving difficult.

sydney youngsters aeons have apparently found a solution to the cold weather by keeping themselves warm in the studio.. not only have they been spending time remixing the likes of lisa mitchell, ellie goulding and dcup, but also recording and mastering their debut ep.
proper studio time has certainly done wonders for lance and josh as their presets-like electro/indie sound has been allowed to develop and grow some serious chest-hair.
this can be seen on all four tracks on the ep, but in particular on 'where the sky meets the sea'.. i thoughts its previous incarnation was a touch meek, but this mastered version is a stadium banger of epic proportions:

Aeons - Where the Sky Meets the Sea

jump over to their facebook page to listen to an excellent array of remixes (the 'we speak no americano' snippet sounds pretty promising).. their ep should be out very shortly.

melbourne lad cullen has also been on many peoples watch-lists after first featuring on jjj's unearthed a few years ago, and more recently enjoying an eight month stint in the uk, where he bumped heads (and possibly uglies) with the slips.. an album is expected to drop soon, and 'easily impressed' is the first taste. check it out:

Cullen - Easily Impressed

fellow melbournian fromage was called in on remix duties for 'easily impressed' and he turned in this stripped back, gyration-inducing version which features hypnotic basslines, subtle synth touches and a slight acid twinge. very nice.

Cullen - Easily Impressed (Fromage Silver Lining Special)


Dafe said...

dudes, i do Not like the new heading. I loved the old one!

Steve said...

yeah i had big plans for a redesign but it just isnt happening.. i do agree that the previous design looked better than a plain white background.. ill change it back til i get a chance to look at it again.. thanks for the feedback!