Friday, 23 July 2010

hot chips and friday

Friday, 23 July 2010

i dont know how im going to survive work in melbourne. it is actually like a mad house down here. ah well.. it is friday and ive got 4 days in sydney to look forward to.

one of the things im looking forward to the most is of course the hot chip and lcd soundsystem gig on monday night. im sure you dont need me to say how good it will be, so ill just say that it is going to be awesome.
if you need any further encouragement, look no further than hot chip's remix of tracey thorn's cover of pet shop boys from a few years ago.. adding bounce and whilst retaining the depth: true genius.

Tracey Thorn - Kings Cross (Hot Chip Remix)

and if you havent already, you should check out the pet shop boy's original from '87.. really amazing stuff

Pet Shop Boys - Kings Cross

one of my all time favourite lcd tracks is 'all my friends'.. i came across this remix by dj harvey quite recently, and it takes the ship in a bit of a new (and interesting) direction, with some wailing, psychedelic guitar licks and slow burning bassline.

LCD Soundsystem - All My Friends (DJ Harvey Remix)

the rest of the weekend will of course be great, with james holden playing chinese laundry on saturday night, followed by blouse friends diatribe rocking spice in the wee hours of sunday morning. hope to see you there!

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