Friday, 6 August 2010

we made it!

Friday, 6 August 2010

these weeks can really continue going by as fast as they are. its no problem. the sooner we are out of this shitty winter, the better as far as im concerned.

diskjokke has just released a new album and it is an absolutely stellar collection of breezy scandinavian summer disco.. but while it may be a great summer and friday soundtrack, it is one song on this album that i really wanted to share today, and that is 'big flash'.
i heard it a couple of days ago and it absolutely made my day. it is an absolute stormer of a song and its rhythm, gravelly basslines and anthemic cymbals had me literally bouncing off the walls. if you need a mid-week pick me up, 'big flash' might be all you need.

Diskjokke - Big Flash

grab 'en fin tid' by diskjokke here.

listening to fun 80's electro hip-hop certainly makes time fly on a friday afternoon. original jungle brothers member mike gee layed this piece of gold down in '84 and it probably sounds even better today than it did back then.

Mike Gee - Rapper Revenge

happy weekends!

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Steve said...

oh my god. just discovered Rosenrød as well. this album is amazing!