Wednesday, 13 April 2011

freezing city

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

wow melbourne turned winter on quickly. hate how weather snaps like that. its only 4pm but outside looks like night. perfect disco ambience.

to be frank, it feels awesome that black devil disco club is back with a new lp. it is called 'circus' and it is pretty much what i expected.. an awesome collection of quirky, claustrophobic, italo disco channeling quality that will have you happily squirming at home or on the d-floor.
'fuzzy dream' is typical 'circus'' sound.. heavy reverb, muffled percussion, italo disco synths and a eerie, almost tribal vibe:

Black Devil Disco Club - Fuzzy Dream

you can pick up 'circus' right here.

i vaguely remember watching a baseball capped dj t blowing holes in the roof chinese laundry at some point in 2009. i dont think that i appreciated the full gravity of who i was seeing at the time, but i sure have gained that appreciation since.
he has just dropped his new album 'the pleasure principle' and while it may not be as jacking as that set, it sure is a smooth treat to the ears.
the tech house elements from his live sets are certainly present on this record, but they feel restrained amongst the the dark, expansive, yet readily accessible idm sounds.
rarely topping the 110bpm mark, this album is full of slow burning jams - so so good to have on at work..

DJ T - Sense

'the pleasure principle' can be had here.

i have no doubt that 95% of you have already heard this track (and are probably listening to it right now), but i just wanted to make sure that the other 5% get in on the action as well.
the track im referring to is the latest holy ghost effort 'wait and see'.

Holy Ghost - Wait and See

like everybody else, i have been so totally impressed with what holy ghost have managed to achieve in the past few months. they have really taken the step up from indie disco extraordinaires into something much bigger.. boy do they know how to make the shit out of a classy synth-pop song.
its just been brought to my attention that their self-titled album is out now. i havent had a chance to check it out as of yet, but if you want it badly enough, you can have your chance right now. just go here.

as a little footnote - i discovered this track at the end of friendly fires' mix for bugged out.
soulful, stylish, classic deep house from back when house was still a relatively new, unique sound. before it got all cheap and nasty.

Round Two - New Day (Club Vocal Mix)

it features on the round one - five mainstreet records compilation from '99. grab it here.
grab friendly fires' bugged out mix here.

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