Friday, 10 June 2011


Friday, 10 June 2011

im really starting to lose track of where weekends end and weekdays begin. and it is awesome. having no full time job for the first time in years is precisely as excellent as i thought it would be.

i also really love matias aguayo's music. everytime i listen to it, i envision a big truck with big speakers inching slowly down a road packed with sweaty, tanned dancers sipping on cheap beer..
and his latest ep "i dont smoke" definitely fits that mould. powerful, rhythmic percussion and minimal synth melodies. perfect for summer! im sweating even thinking about it!

Matias Aguayo - Ligado

head out and grab the "i dont smoke" ep here.

by now most of you would have heard black van's (aka kris menace & kowesix from moonbootica) take on munk's new single 'mis labios' but in case you haven't, here it is in all its glory..
beautifully crafted and composed down-tempo electro with some great synth touches.. one of the better examples of the genre that i have heard for a while:

Munk - Mis Labios (Black Van Remix)

grab the "mis labios" remix package here.. definitely worth a listen with a cool joyce muniz remix and the awesome original featuring.

im really in two minds as to whether i still have time for the ravey indie dance of digitalism. a lot of the tracks on their new album "i love you dude" sound really good to me - and i appreciate that they have toned down a lot of the ravier sounds from their earlier work - but im just not sure that their big, made-for-festival sound really appeals anymore.. or maybe i should just stop being a dick.
this is one of my early favourites off the album - a bright, happy number that feels like a spray of water from surly festival security at the front of a digitalism show.

Digitalism - Encore

"i love you dude" will be released in 10 days from now! pretty exciting! preorder yourself a copy right here.

right - im'ma sign off and go and enjoy some more sun. have a good weekend!


aunt hazel said...

man i think your dropbox is down

Steve said...

damn - i think the bandwidth limit has been reached.. will investigate some other hosting options and re-up.

thanks for letting us know!

Steve said...

ok.. i have upgraded my dropbox account again - hope it 250gb worth of downloads a day is enough. not sure it was last time :S