Thursday, 23 June 2011

On The Fringe

Thursday, 23 June 2011

sorry for the blog silence over the past few days.. a trip to barcelona, numerous job interviews and a few other little jobs didnt make for a very productive blogger.
im heading to my first scandinavian midsummer today, but i felt the urge to share some music before i left..

floating points seems to have been keeping himself busy recently with a couple of quality vinyl releases and a collaboration ep with vocalist fatima. good news!
this track has really caught my ear of late.. it is entitled 'marilyn' and is lifted from his 'faruxz/marilyn' vinyl from earlier this month.
love the future-soul/funk vibe of it - the spacious synths that make way for the pounding, quirky, almost siriusmo-like organ. great track:

Floating Points - Marilyn

'faruxz/marilyn' will be released in a weeks time on the 27th of june.. preorder it here.
investigate the slew of other new floating points releases here.

while we are on the topic of funky, soulful beats, here is a little slice from in flagranti's latest album 'worse for wear'.. i think the album as a whole is a step in a much more... accessible direction for the group, with a slightly more obvious disco sound joining the irresistible quirk and fun that we know them for.
'on the fringe' itself is a supremely blissed out track with synths that are every bit as spacious as the floating points number.. add this to its relentlessly smooth bassline, tinkling pianos and extra ambient synths and you have your self one hell of a hammock soundtrack. get involved:

In Flagranti - On The Fringe

if you liked that, then give 'worse for wear' a go right here.. you'll like it i promise.

hyvää juhannusta!!

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