Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Waiting For

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

heyyy.. just got back from a week without computers in turkey. was nice to spend some time in the sun, but i realised once again just how big dave guetta et al are in the big scheme of things. really shit.

anyway.. made up for it with efes and plenty of good beats on the balcony. this is what we listened to:

kolombo surprised me with his latest release.. a couple of very grand, ambitious songs if i may say so myself. 'waiting for' is this continually building and blossoming piece with lush, full synths and haunting vocal hooks. while still retaining a lot of the more complex minimal and techno elements that we have come to know him by, it feels like he has embraced a much housier sound on this release - i could almost hear strains of braxe or daft punk in the mix.

Kolombo - Waiting For

this is definitely worth a look - the b side 'rescue me' is funky as hell and michael mayer's 7am rave cave mix of 'waiting for' is really quite epic. grab it here.

ive been watching heaps of tim and eric recently - which probably isn't the best thing to do while also trying to get into com truise's new album "galactic melt". the heavy use of analogue synths really remind me of cinco. (is that a bad thing?)
all that aside, i enjoyed the strong vintage, slow-burning feel of "galactic melt" but was a little overwhelmed by the sheer repetitiveness of the synths. it really is too rich and heavy a sound to be enjoying for sustained periods.
"brokendate" is probably my favourite track on the album though with its complex layering of synths and urgent, yet melancholic vibe:

Com Truise - Brokendate

"galactic melt" will be released later in the month. preorder it here.

to wrap up, this is a bit of a bonus from '88.. bambaataa with an incredibly uplifting mix of reggae and electro-funk..

Afrika Bambaataa - Reckless

enjoy hump day. chat soon.

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