Sunday, 16 October 2011

Miami Shores

Sunday, 16 October 2011

some soothing tunes today for my aching head:

i really can't get enough of this wolf & lamb/soul clap p funk thing. i feel like their names have been popping up a lot on blouse recently, but i guess that reflects just how much their names have been popping up in my head. their mixtapes, singles, ep's, podcasts and sides a, b & all the way to z have been getting serious punishment from me.

while their beats have been known to rock d-floors, i also feel that they should be ackowledged for the way they can sooth a hangover.  take their collaboration with the awesome tanner ross "miami shores" for instance.. such a diverse, amazing track. lush, smoky synths make way for a thick, syrupy - yet thoroughly bouncy bassline, which in turn is jettisoned for delicious "sensual seduction" sample in the breakdown. indulge:

Tanner Ross & Soul Clap - Miami Shores

"miami shores" is lifted from the soul clap & tanner ross "shady shores ep" from july. grab it here.

a little side note for a saturday night: all this talk of hip hop/soul flavoured electronica has really led me back to sounds from the 70's and 80's.. one time lfo stalwart paul hardcastle is someone that i have been particularly enjoying. the purity and innocence of his music is a joy..
his track "rainforest" is fantastic because while it is smooth as hell and features flutes, you can still image someone break dancing to it.

Paul Hardcastle - Rainforest

check out more of his extensive back catalogue here.

have a good weekend!

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