Wednesday 7 March 2012

Eternal Mind

Wednesday 7 March 2012

Apologies for the lack of hot blogg action around these parts recently.. Time sure is in short supply these days.

French fella, Chateau Flight member and all right nice guy I:Cube has deservedly been getting a large piece of buzz lately, following the release of his latest opus Lucifer En Discotheque.

It's three tracks cover plenty of ground and they certainly do it well.  From glossy, spaced out Italo, sweaty 90's warehouse rave (complete with sirens), right through to deep, slow burning disco, this release is all class. Class with a glistening French veneer.

Although the other two tracks may be a little bit more upbeat, it was the deep closer Jah Menta that really snagged my ears. The wet synths and layers of percussion went down a treat - and with all its lush, atmospheric vibe, it is easy to draw parallels between it and John Talabot's recent work. Lovely:

I:Cube - Jah Menta

You can scope out I:Cube's 'Lucifer En Discotheque' here. High rec's on that one for all you old school Roulé fans..

And while we're in deep mid-week mode, I thought I would share a little piece of Chicago courtesy of  Chi-town journeyman Boo Williams..
While he may be best known for his deep Chicago house offerings from the mid 90's and early 00's, his more recent releases haven't been too shabby either.
I pulled 'Eternal Mind' from Williams' '10 Residual EP (which also features a rerun of the classic Mortal Trance).. It might sound a little airy at first, but once those cymbals and handclaps kick in, I challenge your toes to not be wiggling.. Perfect hump-day material:

Boo Williams - Eternal Mind

Pick up the full Residual EP here.

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