Friday, 1 June 2012

Jimmy Edgar, Oxia & Miss Kittin

Friday, 1 June 2012

Slackness afoot on Blouse! Apologies (once again) for that.. I haven't just been sitting on my hands though - I have taken a tiny bit of time to peruse some music that was close at hand..

Oxia's sophomore album 'Tides Of Mind' has been floating around for nearly a month now, and I have to say that after spending a bit of time soaking it up, I am definitely pleased with his output.
Word on the street is that his previous efforts have dabbled in various shades of techno and electro, but since I know next to nothing about those, I simply know him for the luxuriant shades of piano tinged deep house that are prevalent on 'Tides Of Mind'. It really is good stuff.
Hmm isn't this deep, lazy symballed deep house sound just the flavour of the month these days?

One of my favourite cuts is the d-floor bomb that is 'Housewife' featuring Miss Kittin. The bassline in this track is fantastically wiggly and irresistible, but the vocals really add some welcome light hearted relief to the whole experience.

Oxia - Housewife (Featuring Miss Kittin)

Get all deep with Oxia's excellent 'Tides of Mind' here.

Jimmy Edgar is another to have released an album within the past month, this one called 'Majenta' (via Scuba's Hotflush imprint).
I'm really torn when it comes to Edgar - some of his tracks feel a li'l samey and perhaps a little underdone.. But when the guy gets it right, all the sex, all the energy and all the electro bombast make some pretty compelling sense. Plus he puts on one hell of a stage show.
Despite some critics saying that 'Majenta' is a more balanced and thorough album, to me it falls into some the old holes that his previous works have.. I certainly enjoyed it, but I still found myself skipping tracks.

Having said that, one of the picks for me is absolutely 'Switch Switch' - a track which is exclusive to the digital release. Love its crackly, electric energy and swanky synths.. It has also been far too long between slap bass drinks for this tired cat:

Jimmy Edgar - Switch Switch

Check out Jimmy Edgar's 'Majenta' here.

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