Monday, 14 January 2013

Saschienne & Ryan Crosson

Monday, 14 January 2013

No moikka! A hungover Sunday feels like as good a time as any to give my Blouse 2013 a decent kick-off. Let's hope that Sascha Funke and Ryan Crosson can help me do just that.

When I visited Copenhagen late last year, I had the pleasure of seeing German power couple Saschienne play live - and what an exciting spectacle it was.

Saschienne is a project that Berlin techno legend Sascha Funke and wife Julienne Dessagne kicked off early last year with the release of their album 'Unknown'.
His distinctively warm minimal tones are still present, but are complemented by Dessagne's breathy vocals to excellent effect.
Slow burner 'Caché' is one of my personal highlights on the album. It's rich melodic base, wistful pianos and restrained vocals are absolutely perfect for a Monday morning:

Saschienne - Caché

I can strongly recommend them as a live act as well. The on-stage chemistry between the two is evident, and seeing a true veteran of the techno scene sashay his way around the stage is a treat. They are currently on polishing off a European tour, and will play their final show in Paris this Friday. After that, they are heading around to Mexico. More info on dates and venues here.

Check out the full Saschienne album 'Unknownhere. Keep your eyes peeled for the Dixon remix of the title track that is floating around as well.

I saw Visionquest big man Ryan Crosson play in London on New Years Day and was rather underwhelmed. His set was surprisingly flat despite a large, clearly up-for-it crowd being in attendance. Disappointing.
As I cried myself to sleep that night, I remembered that much of his production work is actually top notch. These are the tunes that I used to get my RC vibe back up onto an acceptable level.

Crosson and buddy Cesar Merveille recently put their heads together to come up with an album - Visionquest's first album in fact. 'DRM' is it's name, and it definitely features some excellent material. The subtle swagger you have come to expect from a VQ release is certainly present, but it is Merveille's influence that really shines through.. Patient expanses, moments of real melodic funk and warm jazz instrumentation are all highlights of the record.
'No Hassle' is one of these highlights and perfectly typifies many of the sounds on the album. Although a driving drumtrack has this track edging toward the dance floor initially, the introduction of a wandering free jazz-esque centrepiece diverts it's purpose somewhat. But don't take that as a bad thing - I think it serves both listening and dancing purposes, and does so in style:

Merveille & Crosson - No Hassle

A little bonus: A Crosson number that has been a deep house favourite of mine for quite a while.. Seriously expansive and spaced out synths countered with solid percussion and an intense, winding bassline. Pure class. It was released as part of French label Eklo's 'Hooksey' series in '10:

Ryan Crosson - Metro Bunker

'DRM' is available here. Eklo's 'Hooksey Vol 3' is here.

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