Thursday, 30 May 2013

Adultnapper, Roaming & Unbroken Dub

Thursday, 30 May 2013

The month of May is rather in intense in Berlin. Three solid public holidays, a couple of excellent Kreuzberg street parties and an assortment of bullet-proof line-ups assailing the clubs week in, week out has made my weekends seem very short. 

I was almost techno-ed out after a few too many long nights, but I'm happy to report that I am fighting my way back to full health. A few more sunny days spent in the intermittent darkness of Panorama Bar should see me back to 100%.

I was going through a few Terre Thaemlitz remixes and B-sides the other day when I happily came across this slice of heaven by Americano Adultnapper. Entitled 'North of Us', it sat prettily alongside a superb DJ Sprinkles remix on 'napper's late '10 EP 'Low Point On High Ground'.
While it may be deep and lovely in all the ways you hope, its real appeal comes in bleak, cinematic atmosphere and wistfully driving percussion. This - in addition to its simplicity and clean sound - would see it slot in rather snugly in a Ryan Crosson or Nick Höppner set. Great track - have a listen:

Grab Adultnapper's 'Low Point On High Ground' EP here. The stark, emotive DJ Sprinkles re-rub of the title track is worth the price of admission alone. 

I've been getting quite into Smallvilles gentle, effervescent deep house of late. They may not be doing anything Earth shattering over there - but what they do do, they do with almost unmatchable class, sophistication and refinement. 
This Smallpeople mix of Roaming's 'Believe In Reflecting' (from late last year) features a who's who of the Smallville family with label bosses Julius Steinhoff & Just von Ahlefeld (Smallpeople) and Christopher Rau & Moomin (Roaming) all getting involved. 
It is also typifies what I dig about this label.. Delicate instrumentation and ethereal synth vibes countered by solid - ready-to-warm this-party-right-up - percussion. If you aren't too familiar with Smallville, check them out. In the meantime, enjoy this:

Have a listen to the rest of Roaming's quality 'Believe in Reflecting' EP here

Young Russian Unbroken Dub has been gathering a well-deserved share of attention lately. Although he may be relatively new to the scene, his wonderfully crafted brand of vintage sounding dub techno has been well received - so much so that it has been fooling people into thinking that he is a much older hand. 
Packed with groove, spacious instrumentation & well formed composition, his beats have become a regular feature here at Blouse. One particular favourite is the roughly hewn 'Det Special' from October 2012's 'Checkpoint' EP. 
It is definitely one of the grooviest dub techno tracks I have heard in a while - the skittish bassline is a real highlight. I also really love the contrast between the scratchy synth atmosphere and the crisp, no-nonsense hand-clappy percussion. The combination really gives both direction and a solid foundation to the track. Really impressive:

The sparse, frosty techno of Unbroken Dub's 'Checkpoint' EP can be sampled just here. I highly recommend doing so.


Faux Effet said...

Great tracks. Adultnapper - North of Us is definitely my fav of these

Steve said...

Glad you like them! Yeah, that Adultnapper track is nice. Be sure to have a listen to DJ Sprinkles remix of 'Low Point On High Ground' as well!

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