Monday, 28 April 2008

the Videodrome mk VII

Monday, 28 April 2008

van she are awesome. this is a fact. everyone (except jack) knows this.

i wont waste time kissing their asses on this blog because that has already been done on every other blog on earth. instead, im gonna go against the grain and say that the songs that i had heard off 'V' before today have been rubbish.
Cat and the Eye was an ever so slightly uber M.O.R./pop jam. that got used as the channel 9 jingle (not that thats a bad thing but hearing that song during most ad breaks really did nothing for the song or me). shite.
and im not sure if Danny is a song off the album but whatever. im not even sure what was going on there.

but i dont care about these songs. all i care about today is Strangers.

Van She - Strangers

my boots are still smoking. how good is that song? GOOD! kind of a mix between kelly and sex city that somehow transcends both? PROBABLY WOULDN'T GO THAT FAR BUT ITS GOOD. do i have sun in my eyes right now thats annoying me? YES.

Van She - Strangers (Van She Tech Remix)

Van She - Cat and the Eye (Van She Tech Remix)

in other news there are a couple of newish van she tech remixes that somehow slipped under my radar.. weird..
again, i love van she tech. its true that for a while there all of their remixes sounded the same, but their newer remixes are a bit more different.. a bit less intense than the older ones.

Shinichi Osawa - Maximum Joy (Van She Tech Remix)

Martina Topley Bird - Poison (Van She Tech Remix)

actually come to think of it- im not 100% sure that these songs were actually remixed by van she tech but the track titles said that they were so the probably are.


benjimite said...

Boo no more video, cheers for the remixes though, sweet blogg too. Will be interesting to see how V turns out.

Steve said...

video is back up- not sure what modular are doing- they have taken off and put back the video like 4 times

Steve said...

i just noticed today (the day after i posted it) that the chorus of Strangers sounds heaps like the Jacque Lu Cont remix of 'What You Waiting For' by Gwen Stefani..
doesnt necessarily take away from the song but yeah.
what do you think?