Friday 27 June 2008


Friday 27 June 2008

i feel like shit and its friday. what the fuck. who gets sick on a friday?? who gets sick before a night as epic as tonight? i keep trying to pep myself up by listening to bangers but subconsciously keep floating back to the same relaxing stuff ive been listening to all week. (that rubies remix truly is a gem. truly.)

however, i know that there are definitely not that many people out there that would feel like this today- so probably feel obliged to post some of the harder sort of stuff...

Holy Fuck - Lovely Allen (Riton Rerub)

Wolfgang Gartner - Squares

i think i really enjoy these last two songs so much because they are really quirky.. the sort of songs youd hear in a club and think 'wow these are interesting sounds' and thereby feel compelled to dance.. the wolfgang gartner track is really quite hard and almost nu-ravey but somehow his music is always so jacking and listenable..

Coldplay - Death and All His Friends (MMMatthias Remix)

mmmathias is a name that keeps popping up wherever you look.. he obviously really done some really good groundwork in terms of selfpromotion so good on him. his music itself is quite solid though. it is really minimalist in terms of melodic depth, so his tracks almost feel a bit like progressive electro but in a good way.. they still have good strong beats and have been finished nicely. will be interesting to see what he pulls out for his own solo compositions though.
haha think mmmattttttt and ttoommaassss or whatever they are called will feel a bit cheated by his name. or maybe it will be the other way around?? maybe they could play as a wicked 3some

i REALLY feel like shit now- so will have to cut this short have a good weekend.

oh yeah- for all of you that missed this- (cos i love y'all)

Yuksek - Composer (Surkin Remix)

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