Friday, 1 August 2008

the bowl

Friday, 1 August 2008

aight yo.. have had some tres tres excellent(e) mixes come my way today.. too many in fact to listen to properly in a single day..

Alex XXXchange (the unit behind YoYoYoYo by Spank Rock) has pumped out this new mix for We Make It Good..

We Make It Good Mix Series Vol 4

it is a lovely mix comprised of old school film scores.. and you know how good those old film scores can be......

this is a crunkin' mix by Izza Kizza (Timbaland's new protege) and Nick Catchdubs.. very very enjoyable

Izza Kizza Mix Mixed by Nick Catchdubs
Tracklisting in comments

i luff this mashed hip hop stylee at the moment.. changing the track 4 times during a track=AWESOME.

and THIS is the culmination of MANY months of work and patience for Buffet Libre..

Buffet Libre Rewinded
Tracklisting in comments

i know everyones said this before but kudos to the lads and ladettes chillin' up in buffet libre.. such a good idea- i have no idea how they got these artists to get involved.. many artists i know are rather.. undependable.. hmm

crank these muthas up yo its the weekend!!!!!!


Steve said...

IZZA KIZZA by Nick Catchdubs

01. Intro
02. Flippin’ In The Rizzide
03. I’m The Izza Kizza
04. Millionaire (Preview)
05. Walk The Dog ft. Missy Elliot
06. Wham!
07. Timbo Freestyle
08. Tell ‘Em What My Name Iz
09. Red Wine
10. Here I Izz
11. Ooh La La (Preview)
12. Living My Dreams (Preview)
13. Don’t Stop Go!
14. They’re Everywhere
15. Hello
16. Me & Keesha (Boy Meets Girl)
17. Testimonial
18. PUSH
19. Outro
20. Georgie Porgie (Bonus)

Steve said...


1. Buffetlibre Theme / 2. Ray Parker Jr. - Ghostbusters /
3. CFCF - Big Love (Fleetwood Mac cover) (REWIND NEW SONG) / 4. Animotion - Obsession / 5. Belinda Carlisle - Heaven Is a Place On Earth (Hidden Cat remix) (REWIND) / 6. Pet Shop Boys - Always On My Mind / 7. Mr. Mister - Broken Wings (Hostage remix) (REWIND NEW SONG) / 8. Communards - Don't Leave Me This Way / 9. Anoraak - Talking In Your Sleep (The Romantics cover) (REWIND) / 10. Camouflage - Love Is A Shield / 11. Madonna - Into The Groove (Sidechains remix) (REWIND) / 12. No Name - Fashion / 13. A Ha - Hunting High And Low (Louis La Roche remix) (REWIND) / 14. New Order - Bizarre Love Triangle / 15. Moulinex - Come On Closer (Pineapples cover) (REWIND) / 16. Mr. Flagio - Take A Chance / 17. Marietta - Destination Unknown (CSK OK remix) (REWIND) / 18. Klapto - Queen Of The Night / 19. Roger Troutman - Do It Roger (Xinobi remix) (REWIND) / 20. Secret Services - Flash In The Night