Thursday, 14 August 2008

hot boobies

Thursday, 14 August 2008

well its been nothing but blue skies now for this whole week.. whoooo! summer here we come!
if summer means anything it means rooftop parties!
and everyone knows that the only rooftop party to go in sydney to is the one at the eastern hosted by the classy boys from the heat!

its been a bit quiet from the hot boys of late but thankfully our very own dcup has brought their track 'The Celebration' up to date with an awesome twist of his own brand of electro funk..

The Heat - The Celebration (dCup Remix)

i think in this case dCup has outdone himself. although the original had a pretty rockin tune it did get a bit repetitive after 7 minutes..
with this remix, duncs has taken the original melody and rhythm, and somehow made it throb with wicked syncopation. i seriously cant help but nod my head when listening to this.. he has also added a heap of depth to the song with lush synths, little vocal stabs and a rad treble melody that ties it all together.. the climax of the track at 4 minutes is awesome- i think id melt into the ground if i heard it out.

and in case you missed them:

The Heat - Celebration

Teenagers In Tokyo - Very Vampyr (dCup Remix)


Anonymous said...

Thanks! All three of them are great.

Anonymous said...

dcup track is awesome!

Anonymous said...

You WILL hear it tonight at candys apartment, lets make it 12:10

Anonymous said...

dcup is more than awesome! Can't wait for the next mix.

Jeepney Clothing said...

Very nice. Very dramatic!