Tuesday, 19 August 2008


Tuesday, 19 August 2008

a bunch of badical dudes in a band called Avalon recently sent us some muzak which was tres cool.. especially considering it was so damnnn good

on their myspace, they proudly proclaim their genre as 'Melodramatic Popular Song'. after a few listens however, i decided that they actually sit comfortably somewhere between the Midnight Juggernauts, Phoenix and The Presets with their own brand of sometimes laidback/sometimes dancey electro/indie beats..

Avalon - Prescription Aria

i think the strength of their new album "Labyrinth" (out August 27) lies in its perfect production and diversity in tone and feel.. i really found it engaging as an album because no two songs felt the same- yet they still managed to flow into each other really nicely.

Avalon - Andromeda Saint Chime

to be honest, i was actually surprised (in a stoked kind of way) that these tracks got sent to us at all.. they doesnt seem like the usual blog fodder do they? as an album, this seems more like something that i would happily pay $30 for..

excellently, they also sent through remixes of The Teenagers and Pacific!

The Teenagers - Make It Happen (Avalon Remix)

Pacific! - Sunset BLVD (Avalon Remix)


in other news, typing the word 'avalon' into my itunes also brought up the classic album 'Avalon' by Roxy Music..
since ive been on such a gnarly 80's kick of late, i was really stoked to be reminded of this awesome band and album

Roxy Music - The Space Between

Roxy Music - True To Life

if any of you thought that 80's pop music was just a massive cheesefest then please listen to these tracks.. so gooood

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