Tuesday 12 August 2008

more cant hurt

Tuesday 12 August 2008

i think that i still want to throw my 2 bloc party and sebastiAn cents in, despite the fact that there is probably already a total of about $3 in whatever it is im aiming for..

i have a healthy dose of respect for bloc party.. even though they are a largely mainstream band these days, they seem to like pushing the mainstream boundaries and keeping their fans on their toes..
i must admit that i havent been following them too closely since 'silent alarm', but i do believe that there were a couple of songs on their last album (a weekend in the city) that were a bit unexpected (the prayer, flux).. and with Mercury, it looks like they are again leading with another.. 'un-blocpartyish' sort of track..

Bloc Party - Mercury

when i first heard 'Mercury' on the radio a few weeks ago i thought that i was listening to a remix of a new bloc party single.. (isn't this the point in the bloc party boy's careers where they make formulaic banquet replicas?) but no.. it seems as if bloc party have turned up with a b'more (and ever so slightly fidget) influenced rock track... it really is a compelling and demanding song. i really like how the fluttery drums and percussion manage to hold the quirky horns string and synths together so well.

bloc party also really seem to be embracing the whole dance/electronic thing too, having done a remix for chromeo, and having had their singles and albums remixed by nearly everyone on earth. as im sure you probably know, Mercury came bundled with remixes by CSS, Flosstradamus and Herve

Bloc Party - Mercury (Flosstradamus Remix)

i definitely agree with electrorash here.. the flosstradamus remix is the pick of the litter.. is herve flogging a dying horse??

someone else that might be flogging a dying horse is sebastiAn ('dog' didnt exactly get the best reception).. please dont get me wrong- listening to his 'greatest hits/remixes" cd did put a large dopey smile on my face, but i think it was more because his beats made me reminisce about the fun times had with bangersz than anything else..

these tracks were my faves off the album..

Annie - Happy Without You (sebastiAn Remix)

The Rakes - We Danced Together (sebastiAn Remix)

The Editors - Camera (Fader) (sebastiAn Remix)

i couldnt help feeling while listening to this album that it was a bit of book end- a celebration of the past.. not just sebastiAn's past either, but of the whole electro movement..
with the everchanging world of dance music and all this talk of disco house, are bangers doomed to be relegated to back rooms and niche clubs like (shitty) trance?? busy p and ed banger have already said somewhere that they are going to try and move away from bangers and blogs have certainly started to post more ear-friendly tracks..

eeekk.. im getting way too far ahead of myself i think.. maybe ill stop going on and on about this stuff

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