Monday 25 August 2008


Monday 25 August 2008

I've come to the realisation that my hatred of MySpace might have to cease for a while, as bands are asking us to review them entirely from the selected songs on the MySpace mp3 player.
But seriously, worst site ever. It has never been Safari or standards compliant (not to mention that doesn't play nice with those of us with slower internet speeds) and is generally ugly as arse as soon as you let someone with no experience with web design customise their profile as much as they want.
I'm not going to refuse to review stuff that is based on MySpace, that's just harsh, but pleasepleaseplease, if you want us to check out your band, can you send us an mp3 or AAC file? It just makes it so much easier for us, and also potentially makes your music sound much better (running through an equaliser like iWow rather than the EQ-free MySpace player which, trust me, sounds pretty awful).

Anyway, onwards and upwards, those of you who are post-rockedly inclined should definitely check out the new Mogwai EP, BatCat, which is two thirds an awesome release! I tend to dislike Mogwai tracks with vocals, and as such was let down by the last song on BatCat, but still.

Mogwai - Stupid Prick Gets Chased By The Police And Loses His Slut Girlfriend

Listening to this really got me back into the spirit of Mogwai - whom I haven't listened to for quite some time - flooding me with memories of inadvertently wandering into their set at Splendour several years ago. Still the most surreal experience, I had wanted to see them, as I had heard great things, but I hadn't heard much more than Hunted By A Freak, and quick listens to Come on, Die Young before the trip. High and drunk as fuck, wandering into this blue-tinged tent to a perfectly silent, stirring crowd, while a silhouetted guitar just hummed on stage. As I found myself nearing the front of the crowd, drums errupted and the lighting flicked on and the whole place just exploded with energy and sweat and noise.

Mogwai - Summer (Klute's Weird Winter Remix)

Digesting Veto's newest album, Crushing Digits over the last week or so, I've been pretty impressed. On the first listen, I felt the singer sounded like he's come directly out of an American faux punk band and mixed over electronica. Learning that Veto are actually Dutch Danish made me drop this opinion pretty quickly (apologies for the ignorance of having never heard of them before), and there was a period of a couple of days where I didn't want to listen to anything else.
All in all, I think this is wonderful electronic pop music. The kind of music I could imagine an entire crowd chorusing in with, if Veto was big enough for that. There are several moments throughout where faster tempos and simple chord structures makes feels like a punk rock record, albeit it an electronic one. Considering the current stale state of emo shit, I suppose it is.

Veto - You Say Yes, I say Yes

Veto - Built to Fail

Veto - You Can't Afford It

In other news, I rather like the new Bloc Party album.

There are about three or four stand out tracks for me. Here's one of them.

Bloc Party - Halo

And that's all from me for now. I'm off to browse MySpace.


Steve said...

haha myspace = worst.


Anonymous said...

Veto is not Dutch, they're Danish.
Please get your words right next time.

Jack said...

I knew I should have typed that up with the research open. Fixed, and apologies.

Thanks for reading.

Phil said...

loving halo and the new Bloc Party album! Signs and Biko are also fantastic songs.