Tuesday 2 September 2008


Tuesday 2 September 2008

It seems rare these days that I sit down and focus specifically on listening to music. I mean, I never leave the house without the ability to do so on me (in fact, I reckon I could count the days I've been to school or work without a Walkman/Discman/iPod on one hand), but I used to have dedicated music listening hours at home. I'd just park myself in front of the stereo with my best headphones and kind of drift along.
But tonight was the first time in a long time I've just sat and listened.

I've never been much of a fan of the shuffle function. The album is the art, not the catchy single designed to sell the record. I find my feelings on this frequently criticised. My sister, for example, only downloads singles. I put it to you that she, and people like her, are not a fans of music at all, but in fact, just interested in being perceived as fans of music. These are the same people that stop paying attention at a gig once the single has been played, the same people taking up one full ticket at that event, the same people that prevent an interested punter from gaining entry.
I blame Triple J, personally, but that's another rant for another time. You've had all the word nourishment you need.

Anyway, tonight, I set iTunes to shuffle. Shock horror! I know, but after skipping through several billion tracks I didn't want to listen to (and thus negating the point of shuffle function) I found something I hadn't ever listened to!
I flicked off shuffle and began the album from the beginning.

The album was We Should Have Never Lived Like We Were Skyscrapers by Chin Up Chin Up. I downloaded it a while ago, and for some reason, forgot about it.
It may have been the slightly hushed, wispy vocals that put me off but right then, with the mood I was in (having just relived the abomination that is the first episode of series three of The Mighty Boosh), everything was perfect.
It's indie rock, it's sweet and simple, it's all heartstrings and stirring sing along, and a little reminiscent of some early Modest Mouse. And, more than anything, summer comes to mind.
Apparently, just before recording had finished on the album, the bassist Chris Saathoff was killed in a hit and run. The last song, and the only track to be recorded after his death, appears sans bass, which I thought to be a beautiful sentiment to close with.

Chin Up, Chin Up - We Should Have Never Lived Like We Were Skyscrapers

Chin Up, Chin Up - The Architect Has A Gun

Chin Up, Chin Up - Get Me Off This Fucking Island

I'm aware of the irony of posting individual tracks in the same post decrying that process of listening to music. Trust me, I'd force the entire album into your ears if I had that ability. This blog is for sampling. If you like it enough, please do yourself a favour and get the whole thing.

Resuming calmer posts in five, four, three..


No-Ć«llk said...

i like shuffle. i always end up unexpectedly listening to and loving some esoteric little song that I overlooked months ago...

Jack said...

I guess that's kind of what happened to me. I still don't like the chances of finding the one thing I feel like listening to out of the thousands I don't.

To each their own is one of those sayings I should take more interest in I suppose.

Thanks for reading.

Bobby Burg said...

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