Tuesday 21 October 2008


Tuesday 21 October 2008

well things are certainly moving and shaking around here.. who knew that being forced to look for a new job could be so unsettling?

unsettled times call for unsettled musics yes?

Toob - Offset (Swamp Mix)

Toob - Clipto

maybe toob were eating delicious tasty toobs whilst coming up with their delicious band name- and who can blame them..
either way their album is a delightful mixing pot with jams like these two indie-dance gems and a bunch of other far more techno-ee and ambient-ee numbers featuring.. go and check out more here

you may not remember, but we featured a band called the hair a month or 2 back.. this may be a bit more on the indie tip but we thought we'd throw them up again as they have getting around (UK) town with the Kaiser Chiefs and a bunch of other songs in tow..

The Hair- Ghosts - the wood block in this track is EPIC

The Hair - Disco/Retro

if your around the UK area go and say hi to the hair and kaiser chiefs..! check out dates right here and go and grab more hair related musics here

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