Wednesday, 8 October 2008

of the sun

Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Empire of the Sun certainly have/had a massive shroud of mystery about them didnt/dont they? after the rip-roaring success of 'walking on a dream', i would have expected interviews, leaked songs and live gigs left, right and centre.. but that didnt happen.
somehow nick littlemore and luke steele submarined under all the attention and emerged on the other side with this amazing piece of work that i cant stop listening to.

never before have i heard such sweetly emotive music.. the very nature of each layer of music is understated, but thats what makes it beautiful.. again, this is music that is subtle shrub systemish- awesome in headphones AND nightclubs.. truly diverse.
not to sound too cheesy or anything but this is music that sticks images of deserts and beaches in your head- massive.. open.. lush and barren.. kind of soundscapey.
take 'country' for instance..

Empire of the Sun - Country

layer upon layer of synth and guitar detail draw the listener in and gradually paint a very rich, vivid image of flowing countryside and waving grasses inside their head... road trip music to the extremus..

luke steele's voice is an interesting contradiction with the music as understated as it is.. it has such a quirky sound that really dominates and gives the whole 'empire of the sun' thing a unique and somehow eerie vibe

Empire of the Sun - Half Mast

Empire of the Sun - Without You

somehow, through pnau, teenager and now empire of the sun, nick littlemore (and others such as dan whitford and kim moyes) has crafted, moulded and shaped australian music into what will be a very different beast from the one it was 5 years ago.. they have changed the whole face of the thing.
gone are the cheesy silverchairy/powderfingery guitar riffs and lyrics.. gone is the musty, commercialised 'secret life of us' style and 'aussie' steez..
aussie music is now is as cool as fuck, stylish as fuck and fuck as fuck. something to be proud to call our own.. awwww

i dont think there would be any music i would recommend more for a comedown or chillout or make out sesh. PLEASE PLEASE do you and your munted future self a favour and BUY this album here, here, here, here AND/OR here

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Tartarian wolf eagle said...

another good chill out sesh one that is similar might be the twelves mixtape, episode 2!
love empire of the sun, when walking on a dream came out i was blown away. they are consistently great