Wednesday 17 December 2008


Wednesday 17 December 2008

ok ill be honest.. i confused delorean for hot pink delorean.. kinda embarassing.
i opened up this new remix of 'too young to love' by the big pink expecting it to be a banger but instead got this gloriously echoey cinematic piece that actually suits me much better. i must be getting old or something.

The Big Pink - Too Young To Love (Delorean Remix)

i cant actually believe that i havent heard more from delorean before.. their slightly more upbeat version of the sweeping, moving cinematicness by peeps such as m83 and ulrich schnauss really hits the spot. especially after a big weekend.

Lemonade - Big Weekend (Delorean Remix)

luckily they have an ep out soon on foolhouse that will feature four original tracks and a bunch of remixes..
have to say that im defs looking forward to that one

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