Tuesday, 6 January 2009

fm sydney

Tuesday, 6 January 2009

a thoroughly soft and reflective version of technotronic's pump up the jam by fm belfast. the world needed this.

FM Belfast - Pump (Technotronic Cover)

do you know anyone from iceland? i wish i did. i wish i knew fm belfast (from iceland - possibly reykjavik). i actually thought that they might be from belfast but that is probs besides the point.

i guess the point is that they make tunes that are really good. warm, wall-like melodies and basslines.. breakish beats.. scandinavian vocals.. well-rounded goodness..

FM Belfast - Synthia

FM Belfast - Underwear

zeigeist and the knife fans unite! check out 'how to make friends' by fm belfast here

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Anonymous said...

Underwear is one the songs of 2009 so far (even though its from 2008) - straight bangin!! :-)