Saturday, 31 January 2009

yes, i think he is wearing slippers

Saturday, 31 January 2009

New band discovered on the radio: Wim. Five piece from Sydney playing glam folk pop that is so freaking easy to listen to it just oozes from the speakers. I melt every time I listen to it. Really want to call them most favourite ever but trying to hold back until honeymoon period is over. Shit they're performing on a giant Playschool set.

Wim - Diamond

No songs to download because Wim have very kindly given us a copy of their self-titled EP and two free VFIP tickets to their show this Wednesday at the Hopetoun to give away. Email the blouse addy ( before Tuesday with Wim in the subject line and your name and they're yours baby.

Love and kisses from myself and Wim


Unknown said...

fantastic song!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! Wish I lived in Australia so I could see them!