Friday, 6 February 2009

paperwork will set you free

Friday, 6 February 2009

After posting some Optimus Prime tracks a few days ago, Boris (the man behind Optimus P) sent over some new shit.

They're a preview of his forthcoming album in which he says he's taking a different direction. Instead of making instrumental techno ditties, he's featuring vocals on almost all tracks and drawing a little bit of inspiration from the 80s electropop/liveindie scene. He says he loves Empire of the Sun and Ladyhawke and will one day get through the tons of freaking paperwork required for a Serbian dude to get a visa and visit this lonely corner of the world. I'm waiting for you Bory x

Optimus Prime - In Love

Optimus Prime - Lay

Let him know what you think of the tracks


The Evil Uncle said...

liking the optimus prime stuff...

Anonymous said...

I love his music but I don't know where to buy it, can't find anything via google... Where can I get the Lp's?